Actually Luke, I really didn't know what to expect when I first come to Paronella Park, but from the moment I entered the park thru the kiosk I felt this overwhelming experience of emotion. You actually feel the family there with you. You are actually haunted (in a nice way) by their presence.

Russell and I were just fascinated by the park and said we both would like to return to it one day.

What a romantic he was

All I can say is you have to visit the park to experience the experience!!! I have never been anywhere and felt so much emotion as I did the day we visited paronella park.

It really was the highlight of our trip to Cairns.

Bye for now

Leanne & Russell

Dear Luke from Paronella Park,
In previous years I have always wanted to visit Paronella Park but time constraints never allowed me to stop. Other friends have always been impressed with this little 'secret' in the jungle and I knew one day I'd have the time to visit.  It was only this year that I finally had the time to indulge in an adventure to this off the main road park.
My surprise came as I drove up. It looked like something out of a Walt Disney Fairytale. I couldn't believe that this wonderful castle and grounds has been so lovingly rebuilt.  It is truly awesome and I didn't expect it to be so enchanting.  The falls viewed from the garden courtyard and through the Kauri trees is breathtaking. I found myself wandering aimlessly aound trying to soak in all the plants, birds, museum, waterfalls, and imagining how it would have been in it's heyday with dancing area and cafe.   
I stayed overnight in the park as I wanted more time to see everything and play with the turtles, fish & eels, and be in this storybook fantasy land.  
What a shame it would have been if the rainforest had been allowed to overtake this place.  I plan on taking this turnoff again on my upcoming travels down the coast. I wouldn't miss it for the world.  It's inspiring and rejuvenating to spend time at Paronella Park.  I shall again be donating money for the refurbishing of the old  falls generator, as Jose had had it.    
Thanks for keeping the "dream alive"!

Tiffiny, Hawaii   USA

Just a little note to say that  I was overwhelmed when I visited Paronella Park.
  It was as though I had been able to step back in time and appreciate what Jose Paronella  vision’s for his beloved wife Margarita.  Wish my husband was that gifted!
Parenolla Park  is actually living a dream and the most glorious place to spend a day sightseeing, or just reading the story of  Jose Paronella Biography, perfect place to read it.
I am a stroke survivor and waited 8years to be able to walk ,stroll, sit and dream about living in the great surrounds, at one stage I pretended that I could have danced in the great ballroom.  The only complaint, I wished I could have spent two days there
Paronella Park is  like a precious gem in the wilderness, full of heritage, history and special thanks to the the Evans for the hours of love and care that they and their staff have put into Paronella. It is a special place, to be priveled to be able to join  a tour read the stories and the use the disabled amenities. I have been letting quite a few friend with a disability that they are also able to enjoy several areas of Paronella Park as well.   It was great to see that the history and heritage story of Paronella Park has been translated into so many different languages.  My day was brillant thankyou and next time I wish to stay and enjoy the night session.

Cheers Jan

Paronella Park was the stand-out attraction from the last time I visited Australia for a month. Quite why it's not up there with the Opera House and Uluru as a world-famous attraction I'm not quite sure - it's outstanding, unusual, and also in some ways a tribute to what immigrants can achieve - but I expect that one day it may be as renowned as it deserves to be and so I'm pleased I saw it as part of a small group.

I'm so grateful to the travel agent for recommending it (as I wouldn't have heard of it otherwise) - and in turn I can't stop recommending it to any visitor to Australia. It is a completely inspirational place, with a varied and exciting history which just shows the power of dreams.


Paronella park is such a beautiful place to visit...
whether you are interested in the history or,
just having a coffeel listening to the water fall.
It is fun to take a tour because the tour guides are 
so proud and excited about their beautiful park.
I will be visiting the park in years to come to
show my family and friends what a golden treasure we
have in the most unusual spot.


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