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Works have begun! Tilman Heidemann (Heidemann Hydro) has arrived from Germany, jetlagged, but ready for work.

The 1st problem we encounter is the fact that the room was built around the turbine after it was installed. The challenge is to safely remove everything from the room without damaging the heritage integrity of the building and the equipment.

Tilman and park employee Kevin begin dismantling the turbine into 10 pieces to be later removed by crane. The lighter the individual pieces, the easier it will be to position them on the balcony for safe removal.

Being 75 years old, and out of operation for 30 years, some of the bolts have to be blasted off and replaced at a later stage. Decisions must be made whether to take the easy way out or take your time with parts that can't be replaced!

2 days of work pass and we are now ready for the next stage, the crane.

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Turbine Pieces Removed

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